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High temperature steel alloys and cast parts & accessories manufacturing


We can redesign existing accessories and create new designs according to your needs

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We produce an assortment of trays and grids in different sizes and styles

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Have the ability to replace damaged parts instead of the entire assembly


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Lightweight casting baskets are a smart alternative to wire baskets

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Furnace components

We have a large stock of spare parts for industrial furnaces

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This is something we can do…

Fundición Inoxidable S.A de C.V produces high temperature steel alloys and manufactures a wide range of cast parts and accessories for the automotive, steel and aerospace industries.
Our clients´trust has enabled us to develop and improve, and thus, leave a mark in the field of stainless steel casting.

Currently, Fundición Inoxidable S.A. de C.V export parts to the United States, Europe and Latin America, complying with the highest quality standards.

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